Bernie Jenks

FBI Agent Bernie Jenks

Bernie Jenks was an FBI agent stationed in Las Vegas during the events depicted in The Night Stalker.


Unlike most law enforcement officials, FBI Agent Bernie Jenks was on friendly terms with Kolchak and provided him with information. He first became involved in the case after 3rd murder when Kolchak asked for information at a poolside chat. Kolchak asked him to unofficially check other sources such as hospitals and prisons around country. Before leaving the meeting he told Kolchak about report being released at sheriff’s office.

Bernie provided Kolchak with the sketch of the killer. It was after he published it that Janos Skorzeny began to lay low. Bernie was responsible for identifying Skorzeny and provided his biographical information at Clark County Courthouse press conference.

Bernie was the only person he told his informant, Mickey, to reveal the location of Skorzeny’s house, but Carl asked Mickey to wait 30 minutes to give him time to look around and get evidence to support his story. Bernie barely arrived in time to save Carl from being bitten. Together the two men then fought off Skorzeny and were able to weaken him by exposing him to sunlight. Bernie held Skorzeny at bay with a crucifix while Carl dispatched him.

Bernie was present when Carl was served with the choice to either leave town or face murder charges for the death of Skorzeny but was pressured not to speak up to support him. He showed concern for Carl but claimed there was nothing he could do. He asked Carl to let him know where he finally ended up and Kolchak sarcastically responded “Yeah, right!”



Portrayed by Ralph Meeker (November 21, 1920 - August 5, 1988)

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