Catherine Rawlins was a Vampire.


Catherine Rawlins worked as a call girl when she moved to Las Vegas. During this time she was attacked and killed by Janos Skorzeny. He buried her body where it remained undisturbed. Her family reported her as a missing person.

Three years later, a road crew was performing an excavation in the vicinity of her grave. Elena Munoz, an airline stewardess, accidentally cut herself while changing a flat tire. The scent of her blood revived Catherine who dug herself out of the ground.

Catherine made her way back to her hometown of Los Angeles. She was picked up by the boyfriend of her sister, Linda Courtner, and killed him in his apartment. Her sister stumbled upon the attack and Catherine killed her as well and stole her clothes. She then went to work for pimp, Ichabod Grace, as a call girl. She used some of her clients as a source for blood.

Carl Kolchak was able to discover Catherine's identity. After following up his leads and an encounter with her, Carl managed to find her lair. He set a trap by setting a large cross on fire to weaken her and contained her within a ring of fire. He then drove a stake through her heart and destroyed her. As an afterward, Kolchak remarked that her autopsy tissue analysis revealed that she had been dead for at least three years.


Kolchak killing the Vampire

Known VictimsEdit

  • 3 Unidentified Victims – as described by Swede (off-screen)
  • Linda's Boyfriend
  • Linda Courtner (Catherine's Sister)
  • Mr. Mitchell – Owner of the car she used to get to Los Angeles from Las Vegas (off-screen)
  • Clayton "Stacker" Shoemaker
  • 4 Ram Football Players /"The Godzilla Gang"



  • Portrayed by Suzanne Charny

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