Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 15: ChopperEdit

Kolchak comes to the aid of former gang members when they are targeted by a headless motorcyclist.

Synopsis Edit


The teenage years- sixteen candles, fervent passions, aimless joy rides and the forbidden taste of beer. A time the world allows for sowing one’s wild oats. But for some individuals I came to know: In the summer of their discontent, it had been the time when they had sown the seeds of their own destruction.

Closing Narration

There’s an old simple axiom about the dead- don't disturb them, not for any reason at all. Well I decided to overlook that and so I was almost beheaded by a Phantom Sword. Vincenzo refused to even discuss publishing my story. He didn’t even look at the pictures. But the headless rider is at rest now; all the bones are together in one place, in one coffin. As for those members of the Jokers motorcycle club, I mean those that are left of course, well maybe they’ve suffered enough. Three of them died violently and the others will carry the nightmare of the headless rider with them to their silent graves. And incidentally so will Captain Jonas, formerly of Homicide, now Sgt. Jonas of Traffic Control. You see he’s in charge of towing away parked cars.

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