Gail and Carl

Gail and Carl

Gail Foster was the romantic interest of Carl Kolchak in The Night Stalker.


Gail Foster was introduced as a coworker of the first victim Cheryl Hughes. She informed Carl that Cheryl did not have any boyfriends to be suspicious of and that Cheryl had been a brown belt in Karate.

As the story progressed the two got closer. Gail was with Carl when he received notice of fourth killing. When she became concerned for his safety, she gave Carl research material on vampires. She was the first person to raise the possibility of the killer being a real vampire. She was also the first person Carl confided in that he thought things were more unusual than normal.

After Carl dispatched Janos Skorzeny, he asked Gail to marry him before going to see Vincenzo with his story. However after he left, she was ordered to leave town by the authorities as an undesirable before she could talk to Carl and he was unable to reach her afterwards. Carl went broke trying to locate her after he had left Las Vegas


Portrayed by Carol Lynley

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