Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 17: Legacy of TerrorEdit

Kolchak investigates a series of murders whose victims have had their hearts torn out.

Synopsis Edit


Among the philosophers, the great thinks and the common Joes of this world, no question is more controversial than truth. Remarkable as it may seem, I can attest that the following events did occur, whether you believe them to be true or not.

Closing Narration

Well officially the case was closed. They never found Andrews or Pepe, though I did hear that Pepe was working in a supermarket down state. Nanautzin was dormant again and I urged that he be destroyed. Without his fifth sacrifice will he still rise up 52 years from now? The police that found me didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about. They felt that Nanautzin was a valuable museum piece and nothing more. Just a dead antiquity. Well, all I know is I won’t be around fifty years from now for the millennium. Will you?

Cast Edit

  • Darren McGavin --- Carl Kolchak
  • Simon Oakland --- Tony Vincenzo
  • Jack Grinnage --- Ron Updyke
  • Ramon Bieri --- Captain Webster
  • Pippa Scott --- Tillie Jones
  • Sorrell Booke --- Mr. Eddy
  • Victor Campos --- Professor Jaime Rodriguez
  • Erik Estrada --- Pepe Torres
  • Carlos Romero --- George Andrews
  • Udana Power --- Capt. Madge Timmins
  • Sondra Currie --- Vicky
  • Cal Bartlett --- Officer Earl Lyons
  • Ernest Macias --- Andrew Gomez
  • Robert Casper --- Prof. Jones
  • Mina Vasquez --- Rita Torres
  • Mickey Gilbert --- Nanautzin, the Mummy

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