Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 13: Primal ScreamEdit

Primitive ape-like creatures spontaneously germinate from cell samples recovered from an Arctic expedition

Synopsis Edit


During World War II, close to this very spot, science bore a child that changed the course of human relations. And to this day threatens to end human history. It was called, innocuously enough, the Manhattan Project. And it grew into the terror we all have come to know as the hydrogen bomb. But this year, only a stone's throw from here, science delivered a new child…

Closing Narration

The police and the high-priced scientific help put it together just as I did. With the proper dosage of tranquilizer, the creature became...manageable. That's a great word, isn't it? Manageable. They took it, or should I say him, a few moments ago. He's gonna be tested, studied, probed, I imagine. Captain Molnar took my camera...again, saying that I was unmanageable. But I wanna sue to get it back, and I promised myself that. And if I do, and I do get it back, and if Vincenzo will publish the story, and you see the pictures, they may not be too good. They may be blurry. They may be titillating and not convincing. You might not really want to believe them. But you go ahead. You believe them. And ask yourself, "What happened to him, to it? Will he thrive in our hands? Is he that much like us? Will they be able to make him...manageable?

Cast Edit

  • Darren McGavin --- Carl Kolchak
  • Simon Oakland --- Tony Vincenzo
  • Jack Grinnage --- Ron Updyke
  • John Marley --- Captain Maurice Molnar
  • Pat Harrington Jr. --- Thomas Kitzmiller
  • Katherine Woodville --- Dr. Helen Lynch
  • Jamie Farr --- Jack Burton
  • Barbara Rhoades --- The Secretary
  • Jeannie Bell --- Rosetta
  • C. Lindsay Workman --- Dr. Fisk
  • Regis Cordic --- Dr. Peel
  • Byron Morrow --- Dr. Cowan
  • Vince Howard --- Policeman
  • Sandra Gould --- Landlady
  • Al Checco --- Nils

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