Robert Palmer

Tom Skerrit as Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer was a politician who made a deal with the Devil.


Palmer is a up and coming politican; his opponents plus anyone trying to expose his double dealings end up dead in "accidents." Kolchak finds out Plamer secret-he made a deal with the Devil to win political office in exchange for his soul. He tries to kill Kolchak by turning himself into a black dog..until Kolchak destroys Palmer evil pendant with holy water. Mrs Plamer who is terrified of her husbands dealings, flees..accompyed by a docile black dog.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Eric & Vivian Berringer
  • Dennis De Silva
  • Stephan Wald (and other Elevator Passengers)
  • Susan Marie Driscoll
  • Senator Talbot



  • Portrayed by Tom Skerritt (Alien, Top Gun, Spacecamp, Steel Magnolias)