Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 7: Devil’s PlatformEdit

Kolchak encounters a politician who has made a deal with the Devil.

Synopsis Edit


The old cliche that politics makes strange bedfellows is only too true. At one time or another, various and sundry politicians have found themselves, when it proved expedient, of course, sharing a blanket with the military, organized crime, disgruntled, gun-toting dairy farmers, the church, famous athletes, the comedians - the list is endless. But there was a senatorial race not so long ago right here in Illinois where the strangest bedfellow of all was found under the sheets. The strangest... and certainly the most terrifying.

Closing Narration

I gave my copy on Palmer to Vincenzo for his editorial comment. It was the way that he crumpled it up that gave me the distinct impression he wasn’t going to print it. And Robert Palmer, White Hope of the Blue Collar, Darling of the Demographics, the popular explanation is that he was kidnapped, possibly killed by radicals. A tragedy, people say. They don’t realize, of course, that he did keep one campaign promise, the promise of his soul to his master, the Prince of Darkness. Lorraine Palmer drove off before I could get to her. Her car was found the next day, but she never was. Wherever she is, I hope she has a dog to keep her company and fetch her slippers and lick her hand.

Cast Edit

  • Darren McGavin --- Carl Kolchak
  • Simon Oakland --- Tony Vincenzo
  • Jack Grinnage --- Ron Updyke
  • Ruth McDevitt --- Emily Cowles
  • Tom Skerritt --- Robert Palmer
  • Julie Gregg --- Susan Driscoll
  • Ellen Weston --- Lorraine Palmer
  • John Myhers --- James Talbot
  • Jeanne Cooper --- Dr. Kline
  • William Mims --- Officer Hale
  • Robert Do Qui --- Park Policeman
  • Dick Patterson --- Stephan Wald
  • Stanley Adams --- Bartender
  • Bill Welsh --- T.V. Announcer
  • Patricia Estrin --- Felicia Porter

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