Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 20: The SentryEdit

Kolchak crosses paths with a beautiful police detective while investigating a series of deaths in an underground storage facility.

Synopsis Edit


This is one story I may not get to file in person, so I'll have to talk fast - because it's after me. Claustrophobia has long been a part of the human experience from the Cro-Magnon all the way up to Freud. So if you ever happen to find yourself underground, and I mean deep underground, don't linger in the shadows.

Closing Narration

I know what's gonna happen now. As far as the authorities are concerned, the events of April twentieth and twenty-first will never have occurred. They-They're gonna tell me that if I ever breathe a word of this, they're gonna break me like a straw man. Now what about the sentry? Will its eggs hatch in the warm, dark dank dampness of its nesting place? Who knows? Maybe the government will find the nest, maybe they won't. We'll probably never know. But if you're in the subway or in a pedestrian tunnel underneath a ballpark and you think you hear something moving in the walls, it may not be your imagination. Take my advice, don't walk, run to the nearest exit.

Cast Edit

  • Darren McGavin --- Carl Kolchak
  • Simon Oakland --- Tony Vincenzo
  • Kathie Browne --- Lieutenant Irene Lamont
  • Albert Paulsen --- Dr. James Verhyden
  • John Hoyt --- Dr. Beckwith
  • Frank Marth --- Colonel Brody
  • Tom Bosley --- Jack Flaherty
  • Cliff Norton --- Arnie Wisemore
  • Frank Campanella --- Ted Chapman
  • Margaret Avery --- Ruth Van Galen
  • Lew Brown --- 1st Detective
  • Keith Walker --- 1st Reporter
  • Bill Deiz --- 2nd Reporter
  • Greg Finley --- Dr. Phillips
  • Tom Moses --- Dr. Gordon
  • Craig R. Baxley --- The Creature (Sentry)

Background information and notes Edit

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