Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 9: Spanish Moss Murders Edit

A creature from Cajun folklore is created by a sleep subject’s subconscious to attack his enemies.

Synopsis Edit


Maybe you have to brush with death before you can really reflect on life - on the people and times that really meant something to you, like childhood, dreams of sailing on silver seas and wooden shoes, visions of sugar plums dancing. Silver seas, sugar plums. The visions, the nightmares of a child are perhaps the most frightening and horrifying. Some people who were in Chicago during the first stifling hot weeks of July would say that were so...if they were still alive.

Closing Narration

How could it possibly happen? Well, they say that the mystics of India, while in a trance, can grow back severed fingers and move boulders with the power of their mind. It's documented. Somehow, Paul Langois, in his special dream state, did even more than that. He created a palpable horror.

Cast Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Richard Kiel portrayed the creature in this episode and the Diablero in Bad Medicine making him the only actor to play the villain in back-to-back episodes.

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