Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 14: The Trevi CollectionEdit

Kolchak runs afoul of witch trying to take over the fashion industry.

Synopsis Edit


Tuesday May 2nd, 1:00pm. Mickey Patchek was a snitch, a dealer, a peddler of information. His clothes were as cheap as his reputation. So when he phoned me with some information to sell I was surprised that he wanted to meet me in the heart of Chicago's chic-chic high fashion district. What started out as a mild surprise culminated in stark raving terror.
Madelaine was uncannily correct about the shoebox full of checks. Miss Emily found them as predicted and we’re about to break a large story about extortion in the garment industry. Madelaine was incorrect, however, about her own glorious future. A conviction for murder could never be lodged against her. But along with her black powers went her mind. I’m told that she’s to be consigned to the Women’s Ward of Grassland State Mental Hospital. The doctors there give her little hope of ever recovering her sanity. They can’t understand what caused such massive trauma. They say the form of medieval pox which she contracted has not been seen in our world for over 500 years. It will leave permanent scars. Ah Madelaine, poor Madelaine, she won’t even be pretty anymore. Isn’t that a pity.

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