Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 4: The VampireEdit

Kolchak goes to Los Angeles in pursuit of an undiscovered victim of Janos Skorzeny who has now become a vampire.

Synopsis Edit


They were tearing up an old road to lay more freeway a few miles south of Las Vegas. The state of Nevada’s Department of Highway’s digging would be a help to thousands of motorists but to one other person it would turn out to be a nightmare.

Closing Narration

They booked me for murder just like I thought they would, but then after 12 hours they let me go. They never said did say why, but while I was sitting in Lt. Matteo's office waiting for execution. I happen to see a coroner's report on Catherine Rawlins. I quote the coroner "The tissue structure of the individual appeared to be that of a female, species human, who had been dead at least three years. This is a medical conundrum for which I have no explanation". Three years!

Cast Edit

  • Darren McGavin --- Carl Kolchak
  • Simon Oakland --- Tony Vincenzo
  • Jack Grinnage --- Ron Updyke
  • William Daniels --- Police Lt. Jack Matteo
  • Suzanne Charny --- Catherine Rawlins/The Vampire
  • John Doucette --- Deputy Sample
  • Jan Murray --- Ichabod Grace
  • Larry Storch --- Swede
  • Kathleen Nolan --- Faye Kruger
  • Milt Kamen --- Gingrich
  • Anne Whitfield --- Escort
  • Army Archerd --- Man
  • Selma Archerd --- Woman
  • Noel De Souza --- Chandra
  • Bill Baldwin --- 1st Reporter
  • Betty Endicott --- Linda Courtner

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