Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 5: The WerewolfEdit

Kolchak’s simple assignment turns into a fight for survival when a werewolf gets loose aboard a cruise ship.

Synopsis Edit


Admittedly the story you are about to read is bizarre, incredible. Those of you who wish to avoid being unsettled, who wish to avoid thinking, will label it insane. And though you, the reader, would find these facts almost impossible to substantiate, that does not change their nature. Facts they are. I know. I saw them happen.

Closing Narration

The body was never recovered. When the old ship was scrapped, all evidence was scrapped along with her. Of the eleven crewmen and four passengers attacked by the beast, it is not known how many actually died. The injured… well, they disappeared. Rumor has it to Switzerland to undergo treatment for a rare blood disease. The shipping line would only admit to having had a psychotic stowaway onboard. The killer had fallen overboard after being cornered by ship’s officers, so they said. All traces of Bernhard Stieglitz vanished. His baggage was gone. His name could not be found in any passenger manifest. NATO officials claimed that no such man had ever existed in their organization and any attempt to publish a werewolf story about such a man would be met with the heaviest legal artillery. Vincenzo, always gun shy conveyed that message to me in no uncertain terms. So here the story sits. For good, I guess. No one but you or I know the real truth… The Real Story.

Cast Edit

  • Darren McGavin --- Carl Kolchak
  • Simon Oakland --- Tony Vincenzo
  • Jack Grinnage --- Ron Updyke
  • Ruth McDevitt --- Emily Cowels
  • Dick Gautier --- Mel Tarter
  • Henry Jones --- Captain Julian Wells
  • Nita Talbot --- Paula Griffin
  • Eric Braeden --- Bernhardt Stieglitz/The Werewolf
  • Jackie Russell --- Wendy
  • Lewis Charles --- George Levitt
  • Bob Hastings --- Hallem
  • Barry Cahill --- Dr. Alan Ross
  • Dort Clark --- Gribbs
  • Heath Jobes --- Radioman
  • Jimmy Hawkins --- Jay Remy

External links Edit

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