Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Episode 19: The Youth KillerEdit

Kolchak matches wits with a murderess who causes young, beautiful people to die of old age in order to maintain her own youth and beauty.

Synopsis Edit


Nowhere in man's history does he display more tenacity, more perseverance, than in his search for eternal youth. Halting the relentless process of aging has been a constant dream of man's...and woman's. Eternal youth - is it really a dream, or is it possible that somewhere someone found the secret? The following experience gave me a new attitude on the whole subject of youth and aging.

Closing Narration

I took some pictures but it seemed pointless. The destruction of the room would be labeled vandalism or a faulty sprinkler system. I don’t need any photographs of Helen. You see, she would always be as she always was- Cold and beautiful and unchanging. As a post script, I offer this bit of advice: Should you ever find a ring no matter how pretty or valuable, consider well before you slip it on your finger. You may never get it off again.

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